Mythic HFC Information

Eycel Admin posted Mar 5, 15

Dolla-dolla bill ya'll. It's that time again, and that means that the lovely people at Friend Zone are now selling weekly Mythic HFC and Mythic Blackhand runs! How can I get in on this awesomeness? How can I get sweet some heroic action, you may ask. Well, take a seat dear friend and let me tell you! We will be selling many things from this instance to the public... for a price of course. Here is pretty much the whole run down of what we are currently offering.


  • We are not selling achievements besides boss kills.
  • We accpet gold and tcg items on Us Darkspear. Nothing else, sorry.


You can get in on this by adding one of these battletags: Glorels#1155 or Arisfarreach#1407.


Tuesdays, Thursdays and Mondays. We start raid at 7:30 PM SERVER time (6:30 PM Pst, 9:30 PM Est). Please be online and whispering Glorels#1155 by 7 PM SERVER time.


We require a 20% deposit, and do offer a discount if you purchase multiple runs.

We currently offer;

  • Mythic Blackhand & Ironhoof Destroyer = 350K
  • 12/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel = 1,000,000 Gold

  • Destructor's Rise = 400K
    Mannoroth - 150K
    Xhul'horac - 150K
    Fel Lord Zakuun – 100K

  • Bastion of Shadows = 300K
    Tyrant Velhari - 150K
    Socrethar - 75K
    Shadow-Lord Iskar - 75K

  • Halls of Blood = 250K
    Gorefiend - 150K
    Hellfire High Council - 50K
    Kilrogg Deadeye - 50K

  • Hellbreach - 200K
    Kormrok - 100K
    Iron Reaver - 50K
    Hellfire Assault - 50K

Why pick Friend Zone?

We are the top guild on Darkspear-US. Previously in Siege of Orgimmar, we sold Heroic runs every week for over 8 months. While we want your gold to make our lives easier in raid tiers in the future, we will never scam you as your gold means nothing in comparison to our reputation as a legit guild. There are only two people who will ever ask you for gold in <Friend Zone>,  Randylaheyy or Israphael. Unless whispered by them specifically stating otherwise, these are the only two that will handle the monetary transfers.


  • Do realize that these prices are based on supply and demand. If there is an overwhelming response, we will not hesitate to raise the prices and base order on people who are more willing to buy more bosses/items.
  • You are more than welcome to bring your own coins. 
  • No, we will not wait for you if you are late or forgot to buy coins. 
  • If one of our raiders need the item for main spec, you will not be able to get the item. You will get the item over offspecs and our alts. 
  • All gold will be given to Randylaheyy or Israphael
  • Deposits will also be given well before the raid night. If you can't show up or miss your scheduled time, it's not refundable. Missing a scheduled raid will forfeit your deposit, no credit will be made, you will be given a 10 minute grace time to reconnect.
  • Since some (read: not all) fights have mechanics that can wipe the raid if one person doesn't do them correctly, we will request that you die quickly after pulling to make the run go as smooth and as quickly as possible.

Now that you've been given the basic rundown of how this wonderful process will work, we hope to hear from you soon!